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This is a list of my small collection of decks, and my wishlist for decks I may get in the future.

My Current Decks

Threads of Fate Oracle, Rose Gold Edition: This is my favorite deck currently. I love shiny things, and this deck is all shiny rose gold foiled art on a black background. The images are beautiful and the meanings of the cards always seem to feel relevent and useful. I love them so much that since they are getting discontinued, I recently ordered a second version as a backup.

Picture coming soon

Threads of Fate Oracle, Lumen Edition: This is my backup version. I think the Rose Gold edition is still my favorite, there is something about the simple black background that works so well for me. But the Lumen edition is really lively and colorful which I like. Readings with it feel slightly different despite being the same cards.

The Star Spinner Tarot: I love this deck. It's my only in-use tarot deck at the moment, though I have others on my wishlist. I really love the art and the colors and the imagery used. My favorite suit is Chalices because it loosely follows the Hans Christian Andersen Little Mermaid, my favorite childhood fairytale.

Picture coming soon

The Uncertain Oracle: These cards are so special! I absolutely love abstract art, and the artworks for these cards have so much depth to each of them. There is no guidebook for these, just the art and a keyword, which forces me to really think about what it means to me and how it relates to my reading.

The Moonology Oracle: I'm not a huge fan of the astrology sign cards in this deck as I don't find them as visually appealing, but all the other cards are gorgeous. I modded these by adding a shiny silver 'foil' to the edge, which ended up creating a small silver border around the face of each card, which I think enhances them perfectly. It was my first time modding a deck and it was super fun!


The Spacious Tarot: I've wanted this deck for a long time. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. The art style is perfect, the colors, the softness, the skies and backgrounds. The open-endedness which leaves room for personal interpretation. The settings and the feeling they all give. The expansion pack doesn't seem particularly useful for me, as I don't have much interest in astrology, so I will probably try to get this after they release the deck separate from the expansion pack again.

The Embroidered Forest Tarot: I love embroidery, looking at these cards makes me want to start my own embroidery project. And again, I'm a sucker for shiny foiling, especially rainbow holo.

The Embroidered Graveyard: This deck is by the same person as the Embroidered Forest, so I love it for a lot of the same reasons. It's newer and you can clearly see how much she's improved in her embroidery skills, which I think is really neat.

The Threadbound Oracle: I didn't intend to find another deck to add to my wishlist, but I saw a couple of the cards by chance on a random social media post and I was immediately intrigued by the art style. I looked them up and found out they follow a storytelling/writing theme, which is so cool. The artstyle is lovely and colorful in a really nice watercolor style.

The Numinous Tarot: This deck is made by the same person as the Threadbound oracle and I fell in love with it just as much, if not more. I've been wanting another tarot deck since I only have one currently, and I'm thinking this will be my first choice.

Tarot of the Unknown: Over the Garden Wall is one of my favorite pieces of media, So a deck based on it would be very fun. It's also nice how affordable it is compared to everything else on this list.

Lesser Wishlist

These cards I do like, but I am very much prioritizing the ones on the previous list, so these are more of a 'maybe someday' sort of thing.

The Marigold Tarot: I really like the look of this one. I love the imagery and gold art on black backgrounds.

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