• -11/11/22: added a guestbook, made an undertale themed page
  • -11/6/22: added a custom cursor and sparkle trail, added more blinkies
  • -11/5/22: redid my homepage again, replacing tables with divs
  • -11/3/22: restyled my homepage with new colors and a header
  • -11/1/22: created my favorite games page, added a few drawings to 'my stuff' page
  • -9/05/22 thru 10/31/22: learned some new code, redid my layout a couple times, created a tarot page etc
  • -9/04/22: created my website!

To Do List

  • -new/more blinkies, gifs, imgs etc
  • -add more pages
  • -pick a bg for my art page
  • -change credits page to a links page
  • -redo layout with divs instead of tables
  • -add update and to-do scroll boxs
  • -gradient borders
  • -update nav bar
  • -redo homepage page colors


Hi there! ^_^ Welcome to my little site! This site is a work in progress and will be updated with new things fairly frequently.

About Me

I'm Tempest :-) I'm an adult and you can use any pronouns for me.

Some of the things I like are: art, video games, tarot, reading, writing, music, space, and stuffed animals! I'll be making pages for all or most of these things at some point. I'll eventually have a page for some photography and my own writing too.

I learned basic HTML as a kid and ran several Proboards and unpublished little webpages, but I never actually got into anything more complicated. This is my first (real) website, and I'm still learning as I go, so things around here will change frequently! I'm very indecisive and my preferences change often, so the color schemes will probably change a lot too.

Basically, this site will just be a collection of my interests, my art/writing, a place to express myself and get creative, and a place to store cool references and links!


updated 11/14/22

mood: sick 😷

listening: perception shift by lena raine

playing: pokemon shield dlc

reading: tales from earthsea by ursula k le guin